Kobalt Works

Kobalt Works

Kobalt Works is the production organisation founded by choreographer and dancer Arco Renz.

Since the establishment of Kobalt Works in 2000, Arco Renz has developed an artistic trajectory, creating contemporary dance performances as well as developing transcultural and multidisciplinary research and exchange programs.

Kobalt Works’ productions reveal an intense physicality and explore the emotional force of abstraction, integrating dance with light, sound and new media interfaces. Kobalt Works’ creations go beyond pure, formal dance, and display “a graceful expressionism that can be located somewhere between the German expressionist films of the 1920s and traditional Eastern dance and theatre forms.”

From its base in Brussels, Kobalt Works creates performances and projects in collaboration with partners in Europe and Asia. Since 2001 Arco Renz | Kobalt works have created over 25 evening length choreographies, as well as numerous commissioned works for Opera Houses and institutional companies around the world.

An important aspect of Kobalt Works’ activities is the engagement in transcultural and interdisciplinary research and collaborations projects. Monsoon, an ongoing series of meeting platforms initiated by Kobalt Works, brings together Asian and European artists to encounter, enquire, research, exchange and collaborate.

Kobalt Works is frequently engaged in educational activities in Europe, Asia and world wide in the form of workshops, classes, mentorship and lectures.